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® GS Pigments Dispersions is based on a unique formaldehyde-free pigment technology. This product offers a sub-micron, high tinctorial strength, excellent dispersion stability, enhanced brightness, fluorescent pigment particle with superior light-fastness properties. The GS Dispersions are suspended in water and suitable for use in water based textile printing and pad dyeing owing to its outstanding characteristics, GS also can be applied to various non-textile applications, such as inks, paints, papers, poster color, stationery, special water base ink, etc.


 Physical Properties & Chemical Nature

Product forms:  Aqua Fluorescent Pigment Dispersion

Specific Gravity (Density)


Average Particle Size


Solid Content:

 40-42% by weight

Ph value

Mass production of GS Dispersion will be available on Nov.2011 . .


 Available Colors

GS-11 Red Orange GS-07 Cerise
GS-12 Green GS-17 Pink
GS-13 Red GS-27 Rose
GS-14 Orange GS-37 Rubin
GS-15 Lemon Yellow GS-47 Violet
GS-16 Orange Yellow GS-28 Blue


     Characteristics of GS Series

1.    Formaldehyde-Free :
The GS Dispersion is completely different form conventional fluorescent pigments dispersion and dose not generate formaldehyde even though under severe heat conditions. The GS Dispersion, on the other hand, contains no formaldehyde, and is therefore a safe pigment dispersion.

2.    Ultra Fine Particle Size :
The particle size of the GS Dispersion is below 1.0 μm. Accordingly, it causes no trouble such as clogging in screen mesh or plate cylinder and mottling in printing.

3.    Superior Light fastness :
Conventional fluorescent pigment dispersions cannot provide a printed pattern of high quality enough to satisfy buyers' demands because of their poor light fastness. However GS Dispersion has a light fastness of rating 4 on the wool scale so that they may be used to produce a beautifully designed pattern.

4.    Superior Resistance to Heat :
There is no discoloration by drying at about 204  This property allows rapid curing at higher temperatures than with conventional fluorescent pigments.

5.     High Color Concentration :
The GS Dispersions contain approximately 40-42% fluorescent pigment dispersed in water, and contain no binder, the GS Dispersions are liquid products which offer easy in corporation into aqueous systems with minimal mixing.

6.     Non-Toxic :
The GS Dispersions are essentially non-toxic with zero formaldehyde emission and contain no constituent heavy metals, safe to be applied in end products such as printed cloths, sports and leisure, etc.



The product should be stored, handled and used in accordance with good industrial hygiene practices and in conformity with legal regulations.

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